Out-of-Schedule Pay - Solving the Puzzle

Out-of-Schedule Pay - Solving the Puzzle.pdf

Remedies for Overtime Violations - Activist - Summer, 2004

Remedies for Overtime Violations.pdf

Building a Staffing Grievance - Stopping Management’s Routine Overtime Violations

Building a Staffing Grievance - Stopping Management's Routine Overtime Violations.pdf

12/60 Violation Remedies - NALC Arbitration Advocate - September, 1999

12-60 Advodate Sept 1999.pdf

Art 8.5.G - Working 12-½ Hours

12.5 work hours.pdf

60-Hour Limit Includes Holiday Pay, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, etc.

60-Hour Limit Includes Holiday Pay.pdf

Curtailing to Create Undertime for Pivoting

Curtailing to Pivot (Flannery-Same as Bales).pdf

Window of Operations - A Look at Past Arbitrations by Sue Wellhausen, Oregon

Window of Operation - From Sue.pdf

Window of Operations - What is Needed at Formal A - Submitted by Matt Sause, Missouri

Window of Operation - From Matt's NBA.pdf

Window of Operations - Union Contentions

Window of Operations Contentions.pdf

Overtime Equability Chart

Overtime Equability Chart.pdf

How Would You Fight It? - M-0911 Re: Carrier on Work Assignment List Forced to Give Their Overtime to a Carrier on the ODL- By John Hofman - Br 74


How Would You Fight It? - Art 8.5.d - By John Hofman - Branch 74


How Would You Fight It? - Art 8.8.b - By John Hofman - Branch 74


How Would You Fight It? - Pivot Time - By John Hofman - Branch 74


How Would You Fight it? - Art 8.8.c - By John Hofman - Branch 74


8.5.C.2 Overtime and Annual Leave - Management Cannot Force You to Work Overtime On Your Non-Scheduled Day if it Falls Next to a Day of Annual Leave

Overtime Adjacent to Annual Leave 8.5.C.2.pdf

Overtime Limits - Contract Talk - September, 2003

Overtime Limits - Contract Talk.pdf

Article 8 Flowchart

Article 8 Flowchart.pdf

Dealing With Repeated Overtime Violations - Activist - Winter, 2000

Dealing With Repeated Overtime Violations.pdf

Overtime Equability - A Steward’s Nightmare - By Paul Price, RAA - December, 1996

Overtime Equability - A Steward's Nightmare - By Paul Price.pdf

Overtime Distribution - Contract Talk - October, 2003

Overtime Distribution - Contract Talk October, 2003.pdf

Overtime Grievance Check-Off List

Overtime Grievance Checklist.pdf

12-60 Violations - Limits on Overtime Remedies - From the Sept. 1999 Advocate

12-60 Advodate Sept 1999.pdf

Non-ODL Maximum Hours - 12/60 Rule - PTF Maximum Hours

12-60 and 11.5 - 56 Maximum Hours.pdf

Art. 8.5.G and ELM 432.32 - There Are Two Separate Restrictions on the Number of Hours a Letter Carrier Craft Employee May be Required to Work - Contract Talk - March, 2000

12-60 Contract Talk.pdf

12/60 Q’s & A’s -  Work Limitations and the Appropriate Remedy for Exceeding the Ceiling  By Bill Lewis

12-60 Q and A.pdf

Working 12-½ Hours - Art. 8.5.G and the ELM

12.5 work hours.pdf

12 / 60 The limitations contained in the National Agreement of 12 hours in a day and 60 hours in a week are inclusive of paid hours.

60-Hour Limit Includes Holiday Pay.pdf

Overtime, Staffing and Simultaneous Scheduling - NALC White Paper - M-01548 - May, 2006

Overtime, Staffing m01548.pdf

Regular Carriers are Prohibited From Working More than 12 hours in a Day - Argument Cites

regular more than 12 arguments.pdf
Article 8

M-00589 - Work Assignment Agreement - May 28, 1985


M-00911 - Work Assignment Overtime


Window of Operations - What Are You Thinking? - By Denny Belden

5 O'Clock Window -What are YOU Thinking.pdf

204-B Allowed to Work Overtime on Day Following Higher Level Termination - M-01426

204-B Overtime m01426.pdf

DRP Decision From Central Plains District - Article 8.5.G

DRP decision - 8.5.G.pdf

WOO - Management’s Contentions - From Bryan Rubner, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

WOO CR IA - Mgmt Position.pdf

Grievance Help When Management Uses ‘Darkness’ as a Reason for Mandating Non-ODLs to Work Overtime Instead of Working ODLs

U. S. Naval Observatory.pdf

PTF’s Cannot Be Brought in From Another Post Office to Work For the Sole Purpose of Avoiding Overtime - M-00241

M00241 PTFs Sent to Another Station for Overtime M00241.pdf

PTF’s Made Regular Can Sign the Overtime Desired List Within Two Weeks of Becoming Regulars - M-01121

PTFs Made Regular Signing ODLM01121.pdf

3996’s Are Not Exact, Rather They Are Close Approximations -  M-00031

3996 - Estimation M00031.pdf

Art 8 Violations - What Recourse Do You Have? - Contract Talk - June, 2006

Contract Talk June 2006 Art 8.pdf

Overburdened Routes - M-00872 - Contract Administration White Paper - August 1, 1988

M00872 Overburdened Routes 8-1-88.pdf

 Management Failed to Perform the Requested 271.g Within 28 Days - This Is An Actual Grievance Filed By Matt Sause, NALC President - Missouri


Unauthorized Overtime Discipline Grievance Help - A Handout Created by Gloria Moore


Curtailing to Pivot - Good Arbitration Decision - C-28048 - February 8, 2009 - [Thanks to Matt Sause - NALC President - Missouri for Supplying This File]


Guaranteed Hours - From the Postal Record

Guaranteed Hours-Postal Record.pdf

Guarantees - Waiving


Quarterly Overtime Monetary Settlement Instead of Catch-Up Hours in Next Quarter Awarded When There Were too Many Hours to Catch Up - C-003200

Overtime Equibility C-03200.pdf

Artificial Undertime Grievance Packet Help- Curtailing to Pivot - From Branch 3825


Disallowance of Time

Disallowance regulations.pdf

Disallowance of Time / Clock Ring Falsification Grievance Help - Thanks to Matt Sause, Pres. - Missouri


Pivoting - White Paper From Region 5 - NBA Mike Weir - August 21 2009 - Thanks to Matt Sause - Prez - Missouri

PivotingWhitePaper-Region5 (2).pdf

Article 8.5.G Grievance Settlement from Step B Team in Capital Metro Area - Paid Carriers 250%!!

250percent Capital Metro.pdf

5-Minute Leeway Grievance Packet - Thanks to Matt Sause, President, Missouri


C-10682 - Arbitration Decision Regarding the 5-Minute Leeway - Thanks to Matt Sause, President, Missouri

C_10682 5-Min Leeway.pdf

Arbitrator Rules That Non-ODL’s Get Administrative Leave for Overtime Hours Worked

Durham - Enid OK - adm lv remedy nonODLs.pdf

If Management Tells You to ‘Stay By Your Phone’ or Has You Call in to See if They Need You, They Have to Pay You!  -  ELM 434.12.c(1)

ELM434-12 Standby.pdf

M-0833 - The Carrier May Request to Remove Their Name From the ODL, But Management Doesn’t Have to Honor it Until the Next Day


If You Do Not Answer the Phone When Management Calls to Ask You to Work Your N/S Day, Does This Count as a Missed Opportunity?


Art 8 - NS Day Call-In.doc

Curtail to Pivot - Complete Grievance Packet - Thanks, Matt Sause, Pres - Missouri


Curtail to Pivot - Arbitration Decision - 12-23-08

curtail to pivot 12-23-08.pdf